“DIY Literacy: Microprogressions & Skill Development”

Presented by Kate Roberts and Maggie Beattie Roberts

Maggie will highlight a popular teaching tool featured in her book, DIY Literacy - the microprogression. Maggie will highlight how different literacy skills, like inference and interpretation, become more sophisticated over time.

DIY Literacy: Microprogressions & Skill Development


"Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose: Helping Students Craft a Clear & Heartfelt Vision for Their Learning”

Presented by Kate Roberts and Maggie Beattie Roberts (with Kristen R. Warren) 

Too often in our classrooms, students do not feel a sense of ownership and agency in their learning. Standards, assignments, even programs meant to differentiate can be handed down to kids, originating from places far outside the students in front of us. This session outlines concrete ways to help students feel seen in their curriculum and empower teachers to design authentic and personalized teaching. 

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NCTE 2017 "The First Chapter" 


Discovery Education "Cracking the Core" Summer Conference

"Confessions of a 21st Century Teacher: How to turn our digital anxieties into our greatest teaching strengths"

Presented by Kate Roberts and Maggie Beattie Roberts

One of the obstacles we face as we incorporate more and more technology and digital media into our classrooms is often confronting our own struggles, anxieties, or issues around what appears to come so naturally for kids today. In this session, Kate and Maggie will help turn those anxieties into lessons that embrace the use of technology and digital media in concrete, skills-focused, teacher-friendly ways. Participants will leave the session with a series of sample lesson ideas that incorporate technology and digital media into daily teaching.

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"Building & Using Digital Text Bins: How to use and teach important literacy skills through collections of digital texts"

Presented by Kate Roberts and Maggie Beattie Roberts

Today there is an infinite amount of digital texts at teachers’ fingertips. This session explores incorporating digital texts into the classroom and helping students do their best thinking, reading and writing when working with digital texts. In this session, Maggie will model how to build a digital text bin, as well as model a series of lesson ideas that uncover multiple opportunities to teach literacy using digital texts. Participants will also leave the session with ideas for different teaching methods that use digital texts and make teaching memorable for students.

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All Write Summer Institute 2015


"Critical Reading & Thinking: Tools and Talk to Help Students Read the Word and the World"

Presented by Maggie Beattie Roberts

In this session, participants will dive into the world of critical literacy. From our youngest readers to our evolving adolescents, we will work together to establish an understanding of what it means for students to read and think critically. This session is dedicated to reading with wide-awake eyes, paying attention to the messages texts advance and will empower students to think critically. Participants will leave with practical tools and talk support to help students question, analyze and talk back to the many narratives they encounter throughout their daily lives.

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"Using Digital Texts as Mentors to Improve Student Writing (and Our Own!)"

Presented by Maggie Beattie Roberts

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"The Hidden Standard: Activities to Help Students Read and Evaluate Digital Texts & Media"

Presented by Maggie Beattie Roberts

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Text Sets

Global Child Labor Text Set - View

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