After reading DIY Literacy, I felt like I had been given a superhero cape. I felt armed and ready to teach writing.
Two Writing Teachers

"As soon as they showed how a demonstration notebook could be repeatedly used as an interactive instructional tool [...] we turned to each other and whispered, 'Now that is brilliant!' It is a teaching tool that is responsive to students’ needs, helps you collect authentic formative data as you teach, and is always at your fingertips – WOW!"

Teachers for Teachers

"DIY Literacy is not only a “how-to” book on designing visual tools but a source of advice on implementation in the classroom. Students’ learning is changed by concrete ideas that push them forward into independent problem solving."

Sandy Wisneski

"Through DIY Literacy, Maggie and Kate support our efforts to identify common problems and explore solutions. The solutions are found in the pages of DIY Literacy… and teachers everywhere are answering their call."

Literacy Lenses

...The kind of book that will help you make sense of the rationale of close reading strategies while also providing you with specific learning activities that can be adapted across grades, across the curriculum – and even into the lives of your students.
Kevin Hodgson

"This book is packed and I have underlined, starred and noted so many things that I can't begin to share all of my thinking. I know it is a book that has already changed the way I will work with children and I know it is a book that I will dig into again and again as I play with some of the concepts they understand so well."

A Year of Reading

"The ritual of close reading that Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts have developed has had a major positive impact on my students. The perseverance, active learning, and love of reading that my students exhibited is truly remarkable!! I am so incredibly proud of each and every one of them!"

Kara DiBartolo

"Because of Falling in Love with Close Reading, I have the tools to teach students and to support teachers in the practice of close reading. It is something I can teach them to do for themselves instead of something that will be done to them."

Katie Gordon

"This is a book that pushes my thinking about reading – my own, as well as that of my plot-crazy students who are better at galloping through the books they read, than slowing down to think about what it all means."

Tara Smith