DIY Literacy Video Series - Episode 6

Welcome to the 6th episode of our DIY Literacy video series! Here are some DIY teaching tools people have been posting this week:

Darcy Gleisberg sent in a beautifully authentic micro-progression she made during those last precious hours of the day:

MicroProgression Poetry Analysis Darcy Gleisberg
MicroProgression Poetry Analysis Darcy Gleisberg

She writes in her email:

In the spirit of DIY, here is my unpolished micro-progression on poetry analysis.  I'm using it today, and I think it's helped kids focus on what it means to lift the level of their analysis.  I coupled it with the ranking of three student samples and the writing of their own analysis of a poem with the progression in mind.  The tip I give them is replacing 'this shows' or 'this quote shows' with a specific word, phrase or device.  I also give them the analogy of a lawyer who says, "This shows my client is innocent" vs. "The DNA test conducted on April 13th was not a match to my client, who is therefore, innocent."

Thank you all for sharing! Keep sharing your teaching tools using the hashtag #DIYLiteracy on social media (and you can always email us a photo at

This week’s problem is from JenWevodau and Susan Hughes, middle school teachers from Souderton, PA. They write: 

Problem of the Week  –MOTIVATION! My co-teacher and I struggle on a daily basis getting our kids motivated to work more independently in our everyday workshops. We find there are about 2-3 students who tend to “carry” the rest of the class.  Too often we hear the crickets chirping, the blank faces staring at us, and the uncomfortable silence that follows a question.  We need help to help our kids get motivated to work more independently!

Teaching Tool of the Week – A Micro-progression

You can find a download of the teaching tool here.

Thanks for watching!

-Kate and Maggie

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