DIY Literacy Video Series - Episode Four

Welcome to the fourth episode of our DIY Literacy video series. People have been sending in their #DIYLiteracy teaching tools this week - check some out!


KEEP YOUR DIY TOOLS COMING! As you make your own DIY teaching tools,please share them by…

  1. Using the hashtag #DIYLiteracy when you post them on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  2. Upload your teaching tool to our DIY Literacy Google Drive Folder for others to see OR
  3. You can also email the photo of your teaching tool here and we’ll do our best to post them for you.

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Each week we tackle a new problem that you sent in. Then, we match that problem with a teaching tool that can help. We are returning to a popular tool this week based on the problem sent in from Laura Weber, 8th grade teacher at Forest Park Middle School in Franklin, WI:

Problem of the Week  – Laura's 8th graders are having trouble showing in their writing...instead they are just telling what happened. For example, when describing a character in a narrative scene, kids are telling all about the character, and not showing him or her in action. Like this: Mark was an average kid, decent grades, good friends, but Mark always knew he was different, and hated it. Laura wants to help her kids move from just describing their characters to showing them in action.

Teaching Tool of the Week – The Demonstration Notebook

You can find a download of the teaching tool here.

Thanks for watching!

-Kate and Maggie

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